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Skimmed Milk Powder

Whenever we do tastings or presentations one of the most frequently asked questions is ‘why do you put skimmed milk powder in ice cream?’ To a lot of people it appears a contradiction, the first three ingredients, whole milk, double cream and cane sugar, are all about quality and taste! The way to answer the […]

Sugar – it really isn’t the devil!

OK, sugar, along with salt and fat has become everyone’s favourite ingredient to demonise, but it is no different to any other product, don’t have too much, it really is that simple. Going back to one of our previous blogs ‘ice cream is a sweet treat,’ and not something that you should be having all […]

Double cream – the key ingredient

As mentioned previously, ice cream is a number of whole ingredients gelled together by heating and kept together by keeping them frozen. Amongst the ingredients there are different formulations which can alter the structure in a positive or negative way. It is our belief that what makes ours, and other quality ice creams stand out […]

Whole organic milk

As 4th generation dairy farmers milk production has been at the heart of our family for 100 years. Ten years ago we felt that conventional milk production was not a positive way of treating the environment and decided to convert to organic production. The crux of this is that we must treat the land and […]

How we make it

There are lots of ways to make ice cream, unfortunately a lot of them don’t even contain cream, but that’s another story! But this is how we make it and have done from the start way back in 1993. We begin by warming up whole organic milk from our own dairy herd, and fresh local […]


Ice cream is a product which has been around for a thousand years and in that time people have been making a frozen dessert and calling it ice cream. But what is it really? Ice cream is essentially a sweet frozen dessert, which is a combination of a number of individual components gelled together by […]

Barbados tour sponsorship

Lovely to be able to support Bishop Heber High School’s fantastic netball tour to Barbados again. A once in a lifetime experience for the young ladies lucky enough to go. Good luck and send us some photos of the ice cream.

Make ice cream the star of the show

Ice cream is still the most popular dessert on most menus

Anniversary flavour

Please send your favourite flavour combinations

Our fantastic new video is live

Tastebudds, came and produced a short film about our lovely farm

Celebrating 25 years of making ice cream

A quarter century
of great ice cream

Claremont Farm Bebington

Sharing the amazing journey with us whilst growing fantastic fruit and veg


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