The best ice cream contains the best ingredients

The proof of great ice cream is in the taste and our ice creams are only crafted from the very best fruit, berries, nuts and chocolate – all then mixed together with a huge helping of our very own creamy, organic milk. 

Enjoy our flavoursome range
of gorgeous ice cream

Made right on the family farm in North Wales, using our own organic milk as the main ingredient, Woodland’s of Erbistock Ice Cream is all about great flavour. Actually we’re obsessed with creating the perfect flavour, often working through the night at our kitchen table to combine all the fresh ingredients until we’re 100% happy with the results.

From the best Californian raisins to home-toasted crunchy pecans. From fresh, whole strawberries to pure Belgian cocoa – they’re just some of the ingredients that make Woodlands of Erbistock stand out from the rest.

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