A flavoursome Instagram

Adding some flavour to our social account with your lovely shots of ice cream

We’d love to get an ice cream library going on Instagram. It doesn’t have to be our ice cream, but any fantastic ice cream you see out on your travels, in the UK or abroad, send them over to us, we’d love to see them and if they pass our Instagram police we’ll put them on our library for everyone to see. Nice cones, glasses, toppings, anything goes, just has to look beautiful and try and tell us what the flavours are and where you had it, we’d love to name check fellow ice cream champions.

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Barbados tour sponsorship

Lovely to be able to support Bishop Heber High School’s fantastic netball tour to Barbados again. A once in a lifetime experience for the young ladies lucky enough to go. Good luck and send us some photos of the ice cream.

Make ice cream the star of the show

Ice cream is still the most popular dessert on most menus

Anniversary flavour

Please send your favourite flavour combinations

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